Saturday, November 17, 2012

Veterans Day

Briss had Veterans Day off which was good.  We had a big breakfast with strawberry waffles and played around for a bit.  Then decided to take Kaellyn to the Zoo because it was a gorgeous 61 degrees here in Erie. 

Veterans Day decorations

Happy with the whipped cream

The trashy romance novel I read for the day
Heres a video of:

Heres a video of:


This is as close to the wild dogs as we would get

Feeding the ducks

My "I love my Marine" pin

Family day at the zoo
After the zoo we took Kaellyn home for a nap.  Once she woke up we ran some errands at Wal Mart and then went to Olive Garden for dinner.  Being active duty military Briss got a free entree which was awesome!  A very good Veterans Day!

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