Monday, June 27, 2011

Coloniel/Pioneer days

Briss, Kaellyn and I went to a Pioneer frolic in the park festival.  It's like a Renaissance fair only for Colonial and pioneer days.  So there were blacksmiths, tanners, weaving, horses and indians.  It was good but very small so we only stayed about 1 hour.  Then we came home and Briss played some video games while Kaellyn played with her water table in yet another bathing suit. 

My attempt with Colonial hair

An indian


My inspiration for the day

Make it Pink! Make it Blue! Sleeping Beauty day

I invited my friend Nikki and her 13 year old sister Shyanne over to watch Sleeping Beauty.  I had decorated in the house in everything pink or blue due to Merryweather and Floras argument over what color to have Auroras dress.  It was a fun day.

Sleeping beauty make up


Pink or blue towel?

Pink or blue cupcakes?

Pink or blue drinks?

Sleeping beauty hair

Sleeping beauty shirt

Pink and blue nails  they look like cotton candy to me

Pink and blue tutus!

Watching the movie

Shyanne wore blue and nikki had pink but you can't see it.

Us girls

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Truly Outrageous Jem day

It was Cyndi Laupers birthday so I thought I'd have an 80's day but instead I just did a Jem day.  Although, I did "crimp" my hair which took forever and looked horrible.  I also decided to do crazy Jem make up.  In order to get the pink to pop out I used lipstick.  That way it stayed and looked really pink.  I think the make up turned out pretty good although I'd never go outside in public like this unless I was really dressed up like Jem.  Kaellyn wasn't intrested in the cartoon at all unless it was the singing parts in which she danced to.  So here is my Jem day.

Crazy crimped 80's hair complete with side ponytail

Yup I used lipstick

Jem shirt!

Jem girls!

Watching Jem

1st Day of Summer

Summer is here!