Thursday, June 16, 2011

Movie of the day: Sex and the Single Girl

Sex and the Single Girl stars Natalie Wood, Tony Curtis and Lauren Bacall.  It's pure 60's fun beginning with the cartoons at the credits and the hilarious car chase at the end.  Natalie Wood is a 23 year old psychologist (with a PhD!) who just recently wrote a bestselling book by the same name encouraging women to "own their sexuality." Tony Curtis plays a sleezy, underhanded magazine writer set on exposing her either as a virginal fraud who actually knows nothing about sex or relationships or as a nymphomaniac floozy who's thrown all her morals out the window (yeah, because apparently a girl can't be anything in between).  It's got all the stereotypical criteria of a fun, screwball comedy - mistaken identities, marital strife, suggestive sexual innuendos, and over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek performances.  But what I loved about the movie was the fashion and the decorating.  It was all so beautiful.

Everything in Dr. Helen Browns life is black and white.

Notice her black trim and white front screen

Black and white seat and the white phone

Black and white striped chaise lounge chair
Now we move over to Dr. Brown's apartment, where we seen more black & white. Striped drapes. White sofa. White lamps. White walls. White carpet. Black & white end tables. . .the list goes on and on. 

Her bedroom with the charcoal pictures of women.  Quite female empowerment

 In stark contrast, sleazy Bob Weston's (Curtis) apartment is full of color. Green armchairs, red rug, dark metallic lampshades, and warm mahogany toned wood furniture. It's also very cluttered, full of whimsical collectibles.

I WANT this book stand!!  It's amazing!
 As for Dr Browns clothes what else would she wear but white and black? 

I love her hair pin and cocktail rings

Pearl earrings, wool coat, black gloves and black scarf

This outfit is just perfect: long pearl necklace, cashmere sweater, long gloves, black and white tweed skirt

White satin cocktail dress is gorgeous.  There is a diamond accent on the bust, pearl bracelet on the gloves, and dangly earrings.  Also, white telephone

This is supposed to be a robe.  So gorgeous and I like the black and white striped pillow

The side slit to the "robe"
And one completely black outfit.  I LOVE her hat!
For the final scene of the movie she wore this yellow canary flowing dress to show she had fallen in love finally.

Now Lauren Bacalls outfits had a bit more color.

Purple/violet combination
Sleeveless button up wool dress

This is a dress not a robe but still gorgeous

Pink coat, white gloves with shiny buttons

This was my favourite outfit.  Grey dress with matching caplet with gold buttons
The other girls in the film wear unmemorable outfits except for these 2.

I love the boots, hat and gloves

Matching beret
So there you have it.  Sex and the Single Girl fashion. 

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