Friday, October 12, 2012

Columbus Day/Leif Ericson day

Columbus Day was a good day because Briss had it off.  We had a good breakfast of poached eggs and then watched some movies. 

My outfit was all blue because in "1492 Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue"  And you can't see but the mug has elephants on it and Chai tea because Columbus was searching for Indian Spices

Fun Ship mug

The day after Columbus day is Leif Ericson Day.  The Scandinavian who landed in North America 1,000 years before Columbus ever did.  So I pulled out the Viking hat and Kaellyn wore her Swede-heart shirt.  She had a hearty breakfast of Oatmeal and raisins and then we headed out to Pittsburgh. 

Swedeheart and a Viking horn!


I had another couple over for Oktoberfest fun.  We had bratwursts, saurkraut, German potato salad and German beer in German steins.  It was a fun night.  They have a son the same age as Kaellyn so the two kids played while we played Apples to Apples.

Pretzels and beer steins

Random Pictures from October

Apple cinnamon cupcakes

Apple picking

Watching fashion shows and reading the September Vogue

Watching Harvey with my new Harvey mug
Deer in our backyard

Kaellyn watching the deer

Having apple cider snuggled on the couch

Helping do the dishes

At the symphony

Getting ready to watch the Presidents Own Marine Band

House Warming/Autumn Party

 Since we've been in the new house for almost 2 weeks I thought it was time to invite the Erie women over for Autumn Brunch.  It was such a fun great time!

Megan made awesome Owl cupcakes

Kirsten and her adorable boy

Rae Lynn