Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Kaellyn eats Edamame

Video of her eating it

Australia Day

G'day all!!  January 26th is Australia Day.  Australia day commemorates the arrival of the 1st Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788 and the proclamation at that time of British sovereignty.  So naturally, Kaellyn and I had a fun day.  We watched a movie of Koalas and I sang "Koocka Burra sits on an Old Gum Tree" that I remember from the Barney days with Bryce.  Then we watched/listened to a concert on DVD that I have of Delta Goodrem my favourite singer who happens to be from Australia.  Kaellyn also enjoyed dancing to Kylie Minogue because she has the best dance songs.  Then I made lemon lime and bitters.  Which is a few drops of bitters with Roses lime juice and sprite.  It's a popular drink in Australia. 


Kaellyn with her Koala bear

Lemon Lime and Bitters

In the afternoon we went and hung out with Max and Suzie and the kids ate "fairy bread" which is a very common cookie in Australia.  It's bread with Nutella or butter and sprinkles.  Needless, to say both kids LOVED their fairy bread.  That evening when Briss came home we had some Australian wine and watched a movie where Hugh Jackman is an Australian playing an Australian in a movie called Australia.  Couldn't get more Australian than that, can you?  So happy 'Straya day!!

The kids and their fairy bread

Having the Lemon Lime and bitters

Australian wine

The movie we watched

Kaellyn dancing to Kylie MinogueKaellyn dancing to Kylie Minogue

Monday, January 30, 2012

Gangster day

On January 25th Al Capone famed Chicago mobster died.  So we had a little gangster day.  I watched "The Al Capone Story"  which was made in 1959 starring Rod Stieger.

It was surprisingly accurate for a movie from it's time. It was a bit more violent than I anticipated so Kaellyn didn't watch it with me.  But it was a good movie and if it comes on TV again I'll watch it once more.  What she and I did do was read this book. Its a really funny book and she liked my sound effects.

While she napped I watched a terrible 1970's HBO film called Virginia Hill: Mistress to the Mob about Virginia Hill who was Bugsy Malones girlfriend.  It was only an hour and quite terrible quality because they forgot to change the hairstyles and clothes styles to the 1940's and it was very odd to see so many 70s hair while building up Vegas in the 40s.  But I've seen it and I need never see it again.

For dinner Kaellyn and I made spaghetti and listened to Italian Opera during dinner so it felt a bit more gangster and mafia.  Then after she napped I watched Bugsy starring Warren Beatty and Annette Bening as Virginia Hill.  This was a much more accurate portrayal of Bugsy as the crazy, terrible temper, spending huge amounts of money to build the Flamingo in Vegas.  He was killed because he spent 6 million dollars on the casino.  By 1990 the casino had made over 100 billion revenue.  So he had a vision and it did come true even if he never lived to see it.  It was a very good film although very violent and gory.  But isn't that the life of a gangster?

Gangster outfit

Gangster pearls

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Super Hero night at Chick-fil-A

There was a superhero night at Chick fil a the other day and my friend Tara was there face painting.  Kaellyn dressed up as Super Girl and I dressed up as Wonder Woman.

Got the Wolverine mask and shirt on

Ready for action!

All ready for the night!

Tara painting faces

Peek a boo!

Boots and gold lasso

Gold bracelet and galaxy ring

Wonderwoman plate and napkins!