Thursday, September 22, 2011

Talk like a Pirate Day

September 19th every year is talk like a pirate day.  So of course, we had to have a pirate day in our house.  It started with some hearty grog of oatmeal and a movie with Captain Kidd starring Charles Laughton.  It's okay but not one that will go down as one of my favourites.  Then after Kaellyn took her nap we went on a treasure hunt for things in Meadville.  Actually, we went to the library and the grocery store but it was still fun.  It was really fun because as we were driving a down pour started happening so we got stuck in our "pirate ship" as we watched the storm.  Then when the waves calmed down we raced inside the store and tried not to drown too much.  All in all it was a great fun pirate day.  Here are the pictures.

Kaellyn looking at me like I'm weird

I loved her little striped tights with the boots

Silly pirate girl

I even got Briss to wear a eyepatch and earrings

Kaellyn dragged the pirate beer from one room to the next.  Don't worry it's a bottle top and she can't get it off

Pirate Beer and pina colada fixings

Carrying the beer from one room to the room with daddy

Stuck in our pirate ship

My HUGE pirate ring from Disneyland and my patch

The books from the library and we listened to Sarah Brightmans Dive CD all day long because it's all about water and ships

Pirate King

All drenched from our sailing the rough waters

Clone Wars premiere!!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon is back for season 4 on Cartoon Network.  I REALLY like the Clone Wars because I have really gotten into the background of the Mandolorians which is the race that the Clones were cloned from. I really like the language and everything so I really do like this silly 30 minute cartoon.  And I got quite excited for the premiere.  It doesn't hurt that Briss likes it too.  So this is how we celebrate it in our house.

Even Clone troopers can have kids

And they need kisses all over their helmets!

She was actually made because we didn't put it on her head

She had her Star Wars shirt on and was ready for the show.

Star Wars shirt, star wars bucket of popcorn, and the show.

And my hair is has a Padawan braid ;)

I Wanna Go music video by Britney Spears

I Love Britney Spears music video to the song I wanna Go.  Okay I don't love it, it's pretty weird but I like her look with her hair and make up.  She had red, black, pink streaks in her hair.  Rhinestones on her eyelashes, and red, black and white nail polish.  And I wanted to recreate it.  Here is the video.  Click me

I did a decent job and it was fun to have the red streaks in my hair. I will definitely be putting them in again in the future.  But when I washed out the hair dye the next morning, my shower looked like the scene from Psycho only in color.  It was horrible.  But funny. 

Close up of her hair and make up

My hair had streaks of black, pink and red in it

This was how her nails were
She has these rhinestones on her eyelashes and so I got some too

Kaellyn and I bowling

buying a lotto ticket

wearing bowling shoes

Happy family

Monday, September 19, 2011

9/11 Memorial in Shanksville

The very long line of cars to get in
Driving, and driving

The cute boy in the car in front of us
The school buses we had to take to get down to the field

Security was everywhere

Where the plane crashed
Possibly President Obama

President Obama is down there
And in that big crowd
Theres his head!

And a picture of his face
First Lady Michelle

More security
They said not to bring large instruments.  I don't think he listened

The green car that lead us to where we parked