Thursday, September 22, 2011

Clone Wars premiere!!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon is back for season 4 on Cartoon Network.  I REALLY like the Clone Wars because I have really gotten into the background of the Mandolorians which is the race that the Clones were cloned from. I really like the language and everything so I really do like this silly 30 minute cartoon.  And I got quite excited for the premiere.  It doesn't hurt that Briss likes it too.  So this is how we celebrate it in our house.

Even Clone troopers can have kids

And they need kisses all over their helmets!

She was actually made because we didn't put it on her head

She had her Star Wars shirt on and was ready for the show.

Star Wars shirt, star wars bucket of popcorn, and the show.

And my hair is has a Padawan braid ;)

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