Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some videos

Hollaring during dinner And yes I'm listening to Dads latest talk.  Well trying to listen.

Her attempt at brushing her hair

Kaellyn squeezes all the juice out of her watermelons before she eats it.  Heres the video

Playing on the couch

More couch

Memorial Day

Briss had a "long" weekend.  Meaning he only worked till noon on Saturday, had all Sunday off and only worked till noon on Monday.  It was the longest he's been home since starting recruiting duty.  So we did lots of housework.  Bookshelves were assembled , things put in the basement, and lots of organizing old boxes of papers.  And of course my weekend wouldn't be complete without an old movie.  TCM always plays movies to fit the holidays and so I saw Sergeant York with Gary Cooper for the 1st time.  It was really good. The weather also was incredibly hot.  Around 85 degrees and Kaellyn does not like the heat.  She sweats all the time.  Her poor head is always dripping.  I don't mind the heat, I rather like it.  I don't like the bugs that come with hot weather though. Lots of misquotes and Carpenter ants. 

Overall we had a good weekend, the only bad part was when Briss was keeping an eye on Kaellyn and in the span of five minutes pooped, took her diaper off, squished her hands in it and stuck it in her mouth.  Yeah, that was definitely the low.  A panicked Briss called me back home to clean her up because he couldn't handle it and was sick himself.  One good thing was she did it on the tile and not the carpet.  So she got a good scrubbing in the bathtub and we learned that if the child is out of sight and quiet it's NEVER a good thing.  Haha.  Although traumatic at the moment it's funny in memory.  So here are some pictures.

It's so hot we don't have shirts on at the table. Haha

Outfit of the day.  You can't see it but I have a pin on that says I love my marine

The new Pepsi skinny can.  It debuts during Fashion week because its so fashionable.

My patriotic girl

Daddy let me help you play your game

Sweaty baby

Uhg the sweat pours off her!!

Fireworks are legal here so we got some pop its

A Pirates Life for Me

We had a mini pirate day in our house.  I had bought a coconut and was cooking shrimp that night so I decided to call it Pirate day.  We finished the night by watching Pirates so I think I did pretty good job.  Here are pictures.

Pirate outfit

Pirate ring!  It's huge

Pirate nail!!

Found a pirate hat at walmart

Coconut milk

Sorta pirate outfit.  The leggings look good.

2nd outfit.  I have an anchor necklace so ti's still pirate-like
Pirate socks

Sunday, May 29, 2011

X-Men (Geek) Day

May 25th is called Geek Day because it's when the 1st Star Wars came out, when The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy came out and when Jean Grey and Cyclops finally got married in the X-Men comic books.  So because Kaellyn and I just had a Star Wars day earlier this month I thought I'd celebrate X-Men, which is coming out with a new movie in June.  So I did some crazy blue/gold eye make up like Wolverine's costume and had 3 long eye liner blades like Wolverines claws. I painted my nails yellow with a red X like the X-men symbol.  It was fun.  Kaellyn and I watched some old X men cartoons which was interesting.  All in all it was a good day.

Us girls

X-men shirt!

Comic cup, comic nail, comic ring

Crazy wolverine make up

It was bright blue and lots of gold but the pictures don't show it. 
My nail

Final make up picture