Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Movie of the night: Royal Wedding

I finally got around to watching the 1951 version of Royal Wedding starring Fred Astaire.  It's a fun movie about a brother-sister dancing duo who take their act to London in time for the royal wedding of Queen Elizabeth II to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.  What I really enjoyed about the film was the clothes.  Fred Astaire is always inpeccably dressed but Jane Powell looked amazing!  The supporting actress was Sarah Churchill.  Yes!  Winston Churchills daughter.  She was a bit older for the role at age 37 but she could dance wonderfully and Fred Astaire also dances on the ceiling at one point.  The actual Royal Wedding is only in the background but we do get to see plenty of Union Jacks flying everywhere and the Royal carriage carrying the future Queen.  All in all a good film to see after being so excited about Prince Williams wedding.

Dancing on a throne

Just drivin' along lookin' perfect

I want to wear this for Memorial Day.  It looks so patriot

Love the suit and wide brimmed hat

Love the fur stole!

Gorgeous red dress I love the cut of the collar and decolletage
Sarah Churchill dancing

Dancing on the ceiling

Fancy camerawork for 1951

People celebrating the wedding

The beautiful carriage

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