Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day weekend

The Saturday before Mothers Day Briss and I watched the Kentucky Derby.  I wanted Pants On Fire to win because that was the only one with a female jockey and Briss wanted Dialed In to win.  Niether did.  And Dialed In came in last.  But it was still fun to watch with a big hat on and a Mint Julep.  Kaellyn also got 3 teeth in 2 days.  Thankfully, they weren't too difficult of days for her. 

My hat

That smile gets me everytime!!

Mint Julep

Front teeth

Mothers day was fun.  We spent the day together and went out for sushi and then tried to cut Briss hair again.  It didn't really work out so he ended up buzz cutting it.  Next week we'll try again.  I ended up making Eton Mess for dessert which is rumored to be Prince Williams favourite dessert.  It's whipped cream with strawberries and meringues.  It was delicious. 

She wasn't yet aware the camera was out

But now she is so her cheesy smile comes out

Trying the miso soup

See's the camera

Just plain rice with chopsticks

Cutting his hair using the computer

Buzz cut and Eton Mess

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