Friday, May 6, 2011

Star Wars Day

May 4th is the unofficial Star Wars day.  It's May 4th because it stands for May the FOURTH be with you.  It's silly but all of us fans recognise it.  Kaellyn and I wore star wars shirts and watched  A New Hope.  I tried to paint a storm trooper on my nail but failed miserably.  I also bought these matching rings with a quote from Han and Leia so I had to wear them.  Then for supper I made Taun Taun intestines that were hotter than Mustafar and bantha milk.  For all you non crazy Star Wars fans thats Chili that is hotter than the hottest planet in the galaxy and blue milk. It was a fun silly day.

Han and Leia rings
Poor attempt at Storm trooper nail

Star Wars shirts!!
Vader shirt

Happy Baby
Taun taun and bantha milk

And we got lucky Briss got home before 8pm so she was able to see him!!

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