Monday, February 27, 2012

The 84th Academy Awards

As with any other holiday or festival I got dressed up and watched the Academy Awards.  It's the superbowl to me.  It's the one night where all the gorgeous people get dressed up and look fabulous.  How could I not love it?  I found some caviar in a small store here in Pennsylvania and decorated the whole house.  Here are the pictures.

Showing the caviar was green and dark black

bread, havarti, caviar

Sitting down to enjoy the Oscars

I felt like Elizabeth Taylor in this costume jewelry.  The earrings were screw ons from the early 50's

List of Oscar Best Picture winners I have seen as of February 2012

In January I had seen 39 of 83 Best Picture films.  By the end of February I have seen 56 out of 84.  I am proud to say that except for 3 I have seen all the Best Picture films up to 1960.  As for those 3 I hope to see this week or next.  The X's are the films I have seen and the O's are the films Briss has seen.  He's seen quite a few more modern films.  And I am delighted that The Artist won for Best Picture this year.  It was absolutely amazing.  Then again, it's just my kind of movie. 

  1928 (1st)
Sunrise Wings XX
  1929 (2nd)
The Broadway Melody X
  1930 (3rd)
All Quiet on the Western Front X
  1931 (4th)
Cimarron X
  1932 (5th)
Grand Hotel X
  1933 (6th)
Cavalcade X
  1934 (7th)
It Happened One Night  X
  1935 (8th)
Mutiny on the Bounty  X
  1936 (9th)
The Great Ziegfeld X
  1937 (10th)
The Life of Emile Zola X
  1938 (11th)
You Can't Take It With You X
  1939 (12th)
Gone with the Wind XO
  1940 (13th)
Rebecca X
  1941 (14th)
How Green Was My Valley X
  1942 (15th)
Mrs. Miniver X
  1943 (16th)
Casablanca XO
  1944 (17th)
Going My Way X
  1945 (18th)
The Lost Weekend X
  1946 (19th)
The Best Years of Our Lives X
  1947 (20th)
Gentleman's Agreement X
  1948 (21st)
Hamlet (1948) X
  1949 (22nd)
All the King's Men X
  1950 (23rd)
All about Eve X
  1951 (24th)
An American in Paris X
  1952 (25th)
The Greatest Show on Earth X
  1953 (26th)
From Here to Eternity X
  1954 (27th)
On the Waterfront X
  1955 (28th)
Marty X
  1956 (29th)
Around the World in 80 Days X
  1957 (30th)
The Bridge on the River Kwai X
  1958 (31st)
Gigi X
  1959 (32nd)
Ben-Hur XO
  1960 (33rd)
The Apartment X
  1961 (34th)
West Side Story XO
  1962 (35th)
Lawrence of Arabia XO
  1963 (36th)
Tom Jones
  1964 (37th)
My Fair Lady X
  1965 (38th)
The Sound of Music XO
  1966 (39th)
A Man for All Seasons
  1967 (40th)
In the Heat of the Night
  1968 (41st)
Oliver! X
  1969 (42nd)
Midnight Cowboy X
  1970 (43rd)
Patton X
  1971 (44th)
The French Connection
  1972 (45th)
The Godfather XO
  1973 (46th)
The Sting
  1974 (47th)
The Godfather Part II XO
  1975 (48th)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest XO
  1976 (49th)
Rocky O
  1977 (50th)
Annie Hall
  1978 (51st)
The Deer Hunter
  1979 (52nd)
Kramer vs. Kramer
  1980 (53rd)
Ordinary People
  1981 (54th)
Chariots of Fire
  1982 (55th)
Gandhi XO
  1983 (56th)
Terms of Endearment
  1984 (57th)
  1985 (58th)
Out of Africa
  1986 (59th)
Platoon XO
  1987 (60th)
The Last Emperor
  1988 (61st)
Rain Man X
  1989 (62nd)
Driving Miss Daisy X
  1990 (63rd)
Dances With Wolves O
  1991 (64th)
The Silence of the Lambs XO
  1992 (65th)
Unforgiven O
  1993 (66th)
Schindler's List X
  1994 (67th)
Forrest Gump XO
  1995 (68th)
Braveheart XO
  1996 (69th)
The English Patient X
  1997 (70th)
Titanic (1997) XO
  1998 (71st)
Shakespeare in Love X
  1999 (72nd)
American Beauty XO
  2000 (73rd)
Gladiator XO
  2001 (74th) 
A Beautiful Mind O
  2002 (75th) 
Chicago XO
  2003 (76th) 
The Lord of The Rings: The Return of The King XO
  2004 (77th) 
Million Dollar Baby O
  2005 (78th) 
Crash O
  2006 (79th) 
The Departed XO
  2007 (80th) 
No Country for Old Men O
  2008 (81th) 
Slumdog Millionaire
  2009 (82th) 
The Hurt Locker O
  2010 (83th) 
The King's Speech XO

Grandma Maynards 80th birthday!

I haven't got all the pictures yet but I will update when I do.  These are the pictures I took of Kaellyn playing with all her boy cousins.  She's the only girl in her age group.

Driving up in the cold

Twirling her hair as she tried to sleep

It was a long ride for this sleepy girl

Unfortunately Briss didn't keep his eyes open for our picture together

Chasing the boys

Gorgeous cupcakes!
The whole side of the family

Cousin Cole, close up has a bit of Briss' looks to him

Uncle Mike finally snagged some time with her

Just because it was 29 degrees doesn't mean you have to lose out on fashion

Friday, February 24, 2012

Mardi Gras

Eating Gumbo

She didn't like it so I gave her a banana

Max came over to play

Mardi Gras outfit

Rum coconut cake