Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Briss and I went skiing all day on 28th January.  We got up and got ready and had the babysitter for 8 hours and Kaellyn loved having someone new all day.  Now, I've only been skiing one other time in my life so I was very nervous.  Briss had bought himself a snowboard this week so he was excited to use it.  Everyone, that went got snowboards and I was the only one who went skiing.  I had wanted to go down the bunny hill for practice but every body raced ahead for the big hill so I had no choice but to go down the mountain with everybody.  Of course, Briss raced ahead and left me at the top of the mountain.  I got my courage up and I went down with the other girl.  I fell about 4 times but only because I got so much speed I got nervous.  But I made it down the mountain pretty well.  The other girl did not do so well but she kept going down.  We went down a few more times and then got lunch.  Briss hurt himself pretty badly going down on the last run when he hit his head on the hard snow.  So after lunch we only went down one more time. 

Afterwards a little wind burned

As we were leaving to go to the car someone started yelling on the ski lift.  As we looked over there was a small child dangling from the lift.  Briss immediately ran over to help and it was a few seconds before the Red Cross guy was able to show up.  It was another few minutes before they were able to secure a blanket and she was able to drop down.  It was a long few minutes too.  But thankfully, she was fine and we had a bit of a story to tell. 

And that was our skiing day.

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