Friday, February 3, 2012

Groundhog Day

Is such a big deal in Pennsylvania.  It was live on all the local channels so Kaellyn and I watched it.  I had no idea how much went into Groundhog day.  1st there is a Stump Warden.  Yes, a warden especially for the Stump and he looked like he took his job very seriously.  Then there is Phils governor because the groundhog gets his own governor.  There also are several of Phils "handlers".  And the final and most coveted position is the President.  He is the only one in the world who understands Phils language.  And the only one who tells the world what Phil has said.  His name is Bill Deely and he also takes his job very seriously. 

All in all it was very interesting to learn all about Groundhog day.  When Phil finally made his appearance on the TV Kaellyn said, "dog dog" and kept pointing to him.

Cuddling the Meercat who we called Groundhog for the day

Watching the show


Briss found Groundhogs Day beer

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