Monday, February 20, 2012

California Visit Part 1

Kaellyn and I went to California for 8 days and it was awesome.  We started our trip by having my friend Suzie drop us off at the airport so I didn't have to leave my car.  The Erie airport is tiny and security there was pretty much a joke.  I also learned that vending machines now accept credit cards.  But we took off just fine in the small plane with propellers that Kaellyn enjoyed making the sound.  For all 3 flights Kaellyn was awesome and just a wonderful traveler.  We arrived in San Diego around 8:30 pm and went to bed as soon as possible.

Weird toilet cover in airport video

The next few days were a great blur of family, friends and dog dog.  Kaellyn just couldn't get enough of Dog Dog.

Eating a In-N-Out burger

Eating her In-N-Out burger

On the Thursday that I was there I went shopping with Megan and we had such a great time.  Tangerine Tango is the colour of the year and you can tell by all the shops because that is the colour right out front and in all the shirts and dresses.  It's beautiful and I can't wait for the sun to come out here so I can wear my new Tangerine Tango shirt. 

In Megans car ready to go!

David Beckham underwear!!

She did not like this ride

Good shopping trip!!

The ride Kaellyn did not like

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