Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kaellyn and I celebrating the Royal Wedding

This whole week I've been rereading all my Princess Diana and Prince William books.  When Briss and I got married I got rid of quite a few of my William books but somehow I still had 3 or 4.  Not to mention an old DVD from 2002.  And in 2004 ABC had made a TV movie about him and I remember watching it then and of course ABC ran it again.  It horrible and they had so many facts wrong but it was still hilarious for me to watch.  Also, in my book from 2005 called William and Harry Kate Middleton makes a 1 sentence appearance.  Just to say he has a friend named Kate Middleton and she was in a fashion show he attended.  So even back then the author knew something was up.  So I was properly excited and ready for the wedding.  The night before I had made Earl Grey muffins using this recipe found here.  They are so good.  I also made cupcakes dying the batter blue and some of the frosting blue in honor of the blue sapphire ring.  So I could munch on this food while I watched.

I got up around 6 am and got all dressed up to watch it.  I wore my old prom dress which is 8 years old but I still fit into it.  And a pretty tiara and of course my mock Diana/Catherine wedding ring.  I had sent away to get an official replica but when it came it was disappointing because the sapphire looked more black than blue.  But 3 days before the wedding Aunt Cindy had sent me a gorgeous fake ring that looked so good.  I had also painted a Union Jack on my ring nail the night before.  I had propped up a bunch of regal looking pillows and my deep maroon sheet on the floor so I could watch the "telly" in my royal viewing room. I had recorded all the pre wedding stuff and decided to start with that even though I was up in time to watch the wedding live I wanted to get properly excited.  As if I wasn't already enough!!!

I'm so glad I chose to do that because I was very hyped up by the time Kate came out and I saw her dress.  I was really having a good morning.  It was like Christmas for me only it'll never happen again.  Well maybe when Harry gets married.  But I have a feeling his wedding will be more of a party.  Hehe.  Anyhow, I had brewed a pot of Prince of Wales tea and drank it from my HRH (Her Royal Highness) mug.  When my little princess Kaellyn woke up I made a proper English breakfast with English muffins with marmalade, poached eggs, and baked beans.  Kaellyn ate all of her baked beans with a bib on that said, "pretty princess".  After breakfast Kaellyn got to watch the ceremony with me although she seemed more interested in eating the remote than she did with William.  She also didn't particularity like her poofy dress because it was hard to crawl around on. 

After the Royal Wedding was over Kaellyn took a nap and I made English Tea sandwiches with mint cucumber for lunch.  And then I had one of my Earl Grey muffins.  Once Kaellyn woke up it was time to change into our celebratory outfits.  I got a navy blue dress similar to the one Kate wore at the announcement of the engagement and a Union Jack scarf.  I've had this scarf for years after I got it in Los Angeles at Paddington Bears tea restaurant.  I don't think I've worn it since I bought it because I haven't had a need.  Plus, I feel it makes me look like a Spice Girl.  But it was perfect for that day!   Kaellyn wore a navy blue dress with a white sea horse on it.  We ran to town and did some errands and took a walk but overall the rest of the day was pretty boring.

Briss had said he would be home early (which means he'd be home around 6:30) so I got ready to make Fish'n'chips for supper.  We don't have a deep fryer so I did the best I could and they didn't turn out too badly.  Unfortunately, Briss wasn't home early (he arrived around 8) so we haven't open the William and Catherine bottle of champagne yet.  Briss did have a blue cocktail though so he celebrated a tiny bit.  Then Kaellyn had her bath and went to bed and then I told Briss all about the wedding which he listened to very attentively.  All in all it was a great day!!

My nail and the ring Cindy gave me

My nails

The way I decorated the table

Champagne with Will and Kate

Pictures of them

My england mug

It's so cute!!

Blue cupcakes

Earl Grey muffins!!

Blue cupcakes and blue raspberry ring pop

My viewing throne


Outfit #1

Still looking tired because its 6am

Best tea ever!

Watching the show

The princess is awake!

Ready to eat an English breakfast

She loved the baked beans

My breakfast complete with a "cuppa" tea

Pretty girl

Once she woke up I got her comforter which is much more princessy

Mum what is on my head?!

I don't really like this

What is this?!

Cheesing smile

Can I eat it?

She decided climbing on me was better than watching it.

How unlady like.  hehe

She obviously has no interest in him.  Hehe

Tea sandwiches

Outfit #2

My make up had blue eyeliner like Princess Diana used to wear

Yummy phone!


Matching girls

I match my mug!!

My salad which had hearts of palm, artichoke hearts and cucumbers

Briss drink

All the books I read to get ready
 Click for the Kaellyn video.

Kaellyn video