Friday, April 29, 2011

My thoughts on the Royal Wedding Part 1 *The fashion*

I loved every second of the wedding.  I cried when I saw Catherines gown.  I balled when I caught William whisper to her, "you look beautiful".  I giggled at Harry and his mischievous grin.  I rolled my eyes at some of the hats and fasinators.  And I was rather impressed with Victoria Beckhams baby bump.  There was so much and I hope I don't miss anything from that beautiful day.

The abbey looked amazing.  They had 20 foot trees brought in and they made the place look beautiful.

Chelsy Davy (Prince Harrys girlfriend) had potential to look amazing but sadly fell short.  I loved the colour and cut of the dress but she looked as if she left the dress on the floor the night before, woke up and wiped off the prior night's club make-up, threw her hair in a bun and said, "Lets"s Go!".  Also, you're really not supposed to bare your shoulders in the church.  But I do love the colour and think if it wasn't so crumpled it would be beautiful.  The picture doesn't show it well but her hair was a rats nest!
Chelsy Davy
 Tara Palmer Topmkinson who is an old friend of Williams looked gorgeous in this royal blue dress but I think she should've left the dress as it was.  Black shoes and black handbag would've been much better than this matchy-match she's got going on.  But I love the hat.  I think it was my favourite.

Princess Diana's nieces looked beautiful wearing dresses designed by Victoria Beckham.

The Victoria Beckham dress Kitty Spencer wore

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie were a disappointment. Everyone is saying how awful Beatrice's hat is and it is but honestly there were much more attrocious ones than the beige colour she wore.

Jecca Craig showed up.  She's Williams ex girlfriend and he spent quite a bit of time in South Africa with her while he and Kate were dating.  It lit the the gossip rumours aflame.  But as we can tell thats exactly what it was: gossip.
Jecca Craig
Check out Zara Phillips (Williams cousin) clutch.  That has to be a foot long!!
Prince William used to cuddle up to Princess Diana and laugh at the hysterics of Mr Bean so he felt he should invite him.  So here is Ronan Atkinson wearing a nice top hat.

The Queen wore a beautiful yellow dress with matching hat.  Carole Middleton (Catherines mother) looked nice in her pastel overcoat dress but I wish she had worn a flashy broach just to jazz the outfit up a bit.  And Camilla looked very good. . . . . . for Camilla.

Carole Middleton, The Queen, and Camilla
To me Pippa looked amazing.  She has one heck of a figure and this dress curved in all the right places.  If Kate hadn't married the future King of England I think her wedding dress would've looked something like this. 

Harry and William looked very handsome.  Harry should've cut and brushed his hair a bit but he looked very cute still.  William looked stunning in his red uniform.  The past few years William has started to lose his looks but today really showed him as W.O.W (William Of Wales). 

Harry and Pippa would make a nice couple

Now for Victoria Beckhams outfit.  She wore a dress designed by herself and it was navy blue.  It looked very nice on her 6 month pregnant self and very comfortable.  She wore a black fasinator (head covering but not a hat) and it looked as if she had antenna hanging off her head.  But I must admit it looked good with her hair pulled back in a sleek ponytail.  Now, I know she continues to wear heels no matter what but could those shoes get any taller?!  And David Beckham looked extremely handsome to me because I couldn't see any of his hideous tattoos.  He did make one mistake though.  He wore his Order of the British Empire medal on his right lapel when he is supposed to wear it on his left.  Someone must've informed him because by the end of the ceremony he had fixed it.  Victoria actually looked a bit like she did when David received his OBE in 2003.

Those shoes!

That fascinator!

The baby belly

Wrong lapel David
There thats better

David and Victoria in 2003 when he received his OBE

And finally, Miss Catherine Middleton.  She was gorgeous.  I loved her dress.  I loved her hair.  I loved her tiara.  And I cried when I saw her dress for the 1st time.  She was required to wear sleeves and I thought the lace was beautiful.   Her dress was Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton.  It was the perfect choice: British, intricate and regal.  It had to be McQueen, even the name is fitting.  The elements of the dress were perfect for Catherine .  It's structure flattered her slim body; the lace created a timeless elegance; the deep cut V-neckline kept it modern; and the long train was traditional.  O and the tiara she wore was beautiful.  Just perfect.


  1. OVE IT. Perfect review, except I liked Eugenie & Beatrice's outfits & fascinators. Both modern,intriguing, yet modest and overall very lovely.

  2. I disagree about camilla. She will never look good in any way to me.