Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was a great time here in Pennsylvania.  Briss only worked until 12:30 on Saturday so we were able to spend most of Saturday and all of Sunday together.  We ran some errands on Saturday and on Sunday we slept in until 8:30.  It was incredible.  Then we had one big family cuddle in the bed until 9 or so.  We came downstairs to find that the Easter bunny had come and left a few eggs for Kaellyn.  The eggs were filled with Cheerios and other fun cereals that a 10 month old can eat.  Our breakfast was egg muffins and fresh fruit.  I ate my fruit plain but Briss added sugar and heavy cream to make it more like a sundae.  Kaellyn got her raspberries all over her face and up her nose which made for a bath and a change of clothes.  The rest of the day was spent watching movies or playing games.  I beat Briss at the card game Speed and he beat me at War.  I cooked fig and orange glazed ham and asparagus and fresh carrot cake.  So all in all it was a good Easter albeit we missed our Questhaven family.  Here are some pictures and videos.  The video quality is poor because it was taken on my phone, sorry.

Saturday Easter outfit it has bunnies on the shirt and pants

Happy girls

Her big cheesy smile

Easter table and cards from Great Grandma Betty

The Easter bunny came!!!

Her basket was filled with a lamb, bunny and chick

1st outfit of the day more bunnies on her shirt

Finding the eggs

She likes the rabbit

Cheesing smile

I tried to cover up her giant bruise with a bow

Yummy Cheerios!

Found a hidden egg

She didn't like how the Chex tasted

Standing all by herself

Dyed easter eggs

Easter bib says Some Bunny Loves Me

Raspberries and strawberries everywhere!

My fruit bowl

Briss' sugar. . . I mean fruit bowl

2nd outfit

Trying to walk

But she still can't take a step

Playing with mobile phones

Shoes from Great Grandma Anne


Daddy reading a Easter book (the only spiritual thing we did)

Click on the text to see the videos

Hunting/eating Easter eggs
More Easter

This video shows how Kaellyn loves to play with the Star Wars lightsaber application on any phone.  It plays music and when you move the phone around it makes lightsaber noises.  She loves to play with it.  The video is long so if you only want to watch the first 30 seconds thats fine.


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