Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fashion Island

Briss and I are watching the show called The OC.  It's all about the life of people who live in Orange County and how they drink cocktails and the main character is always getting beat up by the water polo team.  It's a silly show but really fun and I wanted to spend the day in Orange County doing all the things they do on the show.  And since I am moving away to tiny town Meadville I need to get all my shopping in now so Megan, Sarah, and Kaellyn all came with me to Fashion Island.  This is our adventure.  The highlight was finding a license plate that said Newport Beach Water Polo. 

My outfit

Megan in front of the Glee stand


Kaellyn just chilling and holding her bottle

Lounging on the luxious chairs

Shoe heaven

Found a Marines shirt

Taking a much needed crawl break for Kaellyn

The OC iced tea

Cosmos for Happy hour

Kaellyn eating

All of us at lunch

Juicy baby!!

Newport Beach Water Polo team

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day 2011

On Friday before Valentines day I had used lipstick to write on the mirror asking if Briss would be my Valentine.  When I came home from church on Sunday I went into the bathroom to find that he had bought flowers and balloons and had responded in lipstick as well.

My question

His response

Valentines day was amazing.  Kaellyn and I woke up and had many cuddles in bed.  Then we went to the living room and watched the 1st half of Gone with the Wind and I made heart shaped pancakes.  Kaellyn then took her morning nap while I got to take a nice long bath.  When she woke up we headed out to the beach.  It was only the 2nd time she's ever been to the beach.  And this time she could crawl.  At first she just sat there staring at all the people and the waves.  Then she felt the sand.  O how she loved to feel the sand on her fingers.  Then she started crawling in the sand and loved it.  It was great until she started eating the sand.  Eww.  But I didn't let her eat the sand or I tried not to let her.  She had a great day and really wore herself out.  She fell asleep hard on the ride home and continued to sleep when I brought her in the house.

I spent the rest of the afternoon baking cookies and watching the rest of Gone with the Wind.    Briss called and said he would be able to come home and spend the evening with us.  So we got Thai food and ate it on our heart shaped plates and watched our TV show.  After our show ended we caught the last 15 minutes of Casablanca on TCM.  I hadn't been expecting to see that film that day so I was thoroughly happy I got to see some of Humphrey Bogart.  So overall it was a great fun day.

She dug out the mum mums from my purse!

She carried that balloon around day and night!!!

Gone with the Wind!


Not sure about the ocean yet

Eating fresh bell pepper

Discovering the sand

Would not stop digging in it

Can I eat it?

Sandy mouth

Climbing on my legs

Sandy feet

Sandy butt

At home all clean

Cute outfit from Great Grandma Annibelle

Cards to Briss

My Valentines

Yes, she carries that balloon everywhere!