Monday, June 25, 2012

Pink Day

June 23rd is Pink day but we were celebrating Brave so we changed it to the 24th.  I wore a pink outfit, Briss wore red which is like pink but not quite and Kaellyn wore pink underwear and because it was a hot day I didn't want to fight that battle with her.  We drank Shirly Temples and ate watermelon!  It was so fun!

No more picture!

Strawberry cereal

Strawberry yogart

Pink nails, pink cup!

Shirley Temple

Reading from the book "Pinkalicious"


On Saturday the 23rd we took Kaellyn to her 1st movie in the theater: Brave.  She's been loving the trailer and I thought she would really enjoy it.  We sat at the bottom in case she needed to leave but she was perfect!  When the movie came on she said, "wow" and sat for the whole time.  Only in the last 5 minutes did she get antsy and moved 5 chairs away from us.  But she was great!!

Irish breakfast tea before the Irish Brave movie

Sitting  a few seats away from us

Also in matching green Juicy sweatshirts

You can't see it but Briss wore his Lucky 4 leaf clover shirt to fit the theme!

Irish potato stew!

Opening Presents from Grandma and Grandpa Carlson

Kaellyn LOVED all of her gifts from you but she especially loved the books. 


1st day of Summer

For June 21st the First Day of Summer Kaellyn and I went to the park and then went and got ice cream.  It was a fun, great day!

Way off at the other fence is how far away she walked away from me!

This is with the camera zoomed in as far as it would go

I got pinapple ice cream!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Camping outside

On Tuesday the 19th the power went out in our house as we were watching TV.  It was out for about 45 minutes and Briss was miserable without the fan so he said, "lets camp outside".  So I found the tent and the mattresses and we camped outside.  It was so much fun and something different to do.  We would have slept all night outside if Kaellyn hadn't gotten sick and vomited everywhere.  So around 3:30 we all went in and Briss went to sleep in the bed while I stayed with Kaellyn on the floor.  She's been sick on and off through out this morning but she's letting me able to write all these updates.  Prayers she recovers quickly!

Fathers Day

Fathers day was really fun I just wish Briss could have been with us for it.  It started with a good breakfast of bacon and eggs for Briss and Kaellyn loved the bacon.  Then Briss had to go to work and we said we'd go with him.  So we went up to Erie and while Briss worked Kaellyn and I went to Once Upon a Child and Platos Closet.  Then my friend Melissa called and said they were going bike riding and to the beach and if we wanted to come.  I said yes so we all went bike riding.  I don't think I've been on a bike in 7 or more years.  It took me a while to figure out my bearings again and the entire time I was wibbly-wobbly on it but it was so much fun!  I wish Briss could have joined us!

After the bike ride we went to the beach and Kaellyn loved it.  The water was freezing and her hands were purple but she just kept playing in it and splashing the other kids.  So much fun!  Around 6 pm Briss got done with work and we went to this Chinese/Sushi buffet with everyone.  So great!  And I'm glad Briss got to go out to eat for Fathers Day.

Little Miss Pennslyvania

The girls