Friday, June 15, 2012

Kaellyns Party Part 2

After the party Briss relaxed for a bit by playing video games and then the rest of the family played Phase 10.  That night we all went to bed exhausted from all the fun that day.  The next morning was Monday the 11th Kaellyns actual birthday.

My Octopus ring and gold nails

My other mermaid dress

On Kaellyns birthday we just relaxed.  The whole family left around 11 am and then we just snuggled on the couch.  Then Kaellyn took a 3 hour nap and I got to watch her fall asleep which never happens.  After her nap she had a blue bath with her new mermaid and when she put a towel on, she wanted Ariel to have a towel too.  When she woke up we watched more movies and then I made her spaghetti, one of her favourite foods.  Briss was able to come home from work to see Kaellyn for about a half hour.

Towel for her and towel for Ariel

Playing with her new umbrella

Then she took my umbrella

So I took hers

Watching the show where we got the name Kaellyn from

Sleeping 2 year old

Naked birthday girl!!
Heres some videos for you:

Happy Birthday Kaellyn

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