Sunday, November 28, 2010


Random pictures from this month.

We didn't get to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on it's opening night but we celebrated in our own way.  

Harry Potter blanket and glasses

Had some friends over for Star Wars monopoly

Star Wars baby!!

Playing with Yoda

I got the Imperial Senate (the equivalent of Boardwalk!)

Amanda and Alex plotting against us.  See my Star Wars mug?

Briss is losing

Alex starts to win again.

But in the end Briss is victorious

Sunday, November 21, 2010

A little Princess

Well Prince William has finally proposed to Kate Middleton.  She no longer needs to be titled "Waity-Katie".  William gave Kate his mother Diana's famous sapphire engagement ring, a touching gesture, and perhaps also rather bittersweet given how things turned out for his parents.  Personally, I could never take Diana's ring because there would be too much bad ju-ju involved with it but William says it will keep Diana close.  Also, when they wed next year it will have been 30 years since Diana and Charles wedding.  "My how the time flies," says the girl who was not yet even born when they wed.  Haha. I think that William and Kate make quite a striking couple and I loved her sapphire Issa dress she wore to the announcement.  It complimented her ring perfectly.  Kate also is 8 years older than when Diana got engaged.  I think she comes across much more confident and sure of herself than Diana did at her engagement announcement.  But then again that is why we all loved "Shy Di".  I really hope Kate is better situated for her new role, and hopefully the royal family has also learned from the past.  So I wish them both good luck!!

I need to find a replica of this blue dress!!

At any rate, in order to celebrate this happy union Kaellyn and I had a fun Princess day.  I started the day with a cup of Prince of Wales tea (almost as good as his cousin Earl Grey) in my cute Her Royal Highness mug. 

Feeling very royal indeed!

In her princess dress and on her princess blanket

Such a pretty princcess

"Mama, whats this?"
This is her playing with her tiara

After her exhausting day of playing with jewels she took a nap and I took the time to watch some old Princess Diana videos.   When she woke up Briss took a picture of his two girls.  

I wore little crowns in my hair and crowns on my earrings

 At the very end of the day we watched the interview of Prince William and his princess Kate Middleton.  I suppose my dreams of being married to William have been dashed.  But perhaps he'll have a son and will marry Kaellyn!! 

Aww so cute!!

At any rate, to paraphrase Mel Brooks, "it's good to be the Queen!"

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Funky Leucadia

Toes poking out!

Yesterday Sarah and I went to Encinitas to eat at Roxys and do some shopping.  Encinitas is a gorgeous, fun, town full of funky shops.  One of my favourites is Flashbacks where they sell odd vintage clothes.  It was also the store where I found my 1st pair of Victoria Beckham jeans.  Yesterday, I found another pair of Victoria Beckham jeans.  This time the one with the stars not the crowns.  I'm in love!!  So it was a fun day walking around and seeing all the cool stuff.  I think we might go back on Sunday for their street fair. 

Funky cat shirt

So happy

Daddy playing around

New Victoria jeans!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

The 235th Marine Corps Ball

Last kisses before the night.
So this was my 3rd ball with Briss and it was very fun.  It was also our 1st night alone without Kaellyn **gasp**.  But it went great.  We rushed around Friday during the day to get ourselves all ready.  I had already done a practice run of my hair but I still needed to curl it to get body and the curls perfect.  So once I had curled my hair and packed for the evening we were off to my folks house.  We dropped Kaellyn off around 4:00 and then we headed down to San Diego.  Traffic was slightly bad so it was good we left so soon.  We valet the car and went into the Omni Hotel which ranks "Highest in Guest Satisfaction Among Upscale Hotel Chains" by J.D Power and Associates. It really is a gorgeous hotel.  So we checked in and started getting ready.  Briss had to leave and arrive early so I had about 45 minutes to myself to continue getting ready.  I did my hair which I had gathered the inspiration from Greys Anatomy Prom episode click here to see 1 minute clip of it  It's a bad quality but you can sorta see how I got the inspiration. 

My Izzie Stevens hair
So I was all ready and I went down to meet Briss for the ball.  We mingled with several other couples and enjoyed our cocktails until the ceremony started.  The ceremony was amazing and I got teary-eyed when they played the National Anthem and read some stories.  The speech was okay.  I've heard better at the other balls I'd been to but it was still nice.  Finally supper was served and I had a nice 8 oz filet.  After dinner we danced a few songs and then went back to the room to take pictures and so that I could pump.  Hehe.

My dress

In his nice dress blues

Mirror picture

Happy couple

Katy and Scott Brose

Me and Katy

Briss was very anxious to get out of his dress blues so we changed before we went out to the club.  I wore this fantastic dress Katy let me borrow and I had brought these obnoxious long earrings that were so much fun. 

Fun BeBe dress
Silly sign at the club

Briss and I stayed at the club for about an hour but it was loud and annoying so we went back to our room to get some sleep.  All in all it was a great time and I had so much fun with Briss.  I'm so glad we could have a night to ourselves to sleep without interruptions.  I'm sure my folks enjoyed the time with Kaellyn also.  So happy birthday Marine Corps. 

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rennaisance Faire!!

Was such a fun time.  I was wearing a red and gold top so I tried to do my make up with both red and gold colours.  I think it turned out nicely. 

Then I did my hair in this weave pattern and it was really easy but nice looking.

Miss Kaellyn wore her light blue outfit with matching shoes.  So cute! The faire was just like all the rest so I didn't take many pictures because they are all the same.  But for the 1st time Kaellyn rode in the stroller like a big girl without her carseat.  So overall it was a great fun Saturday.

Here is some other random pictures from that day.

Briss had to have a giant turkey leg.

Uncle Sven-O