Sunday, November 21, 2010

A little Princess

Well Prince William has finally proposed to Kate Middleton.  She no longer needs to be titled "Waity-Katie".  William gave Kate his mother Diana's famous sapphire engagement ring, a touching gesture, and perhaps also rather bittersweet given how things turned out for his parents.  Personally, I could never take Diana's ring because there would be too much bad ju-ju involved with it but William says it will keep Diana close.  Also, when they wed next year it will have been 30 years since Diana and Charles wedding.  "My how the time flies," says the girl who was not yet even born when they wed.  Haha. I think that William and Kate make quite a striking couple and I loved her sapphire Issa dress she wore to the announcement.  It complimented her ring perfectly.  Kate also is 8 years older than when Diana got engaged.  I think she comes across much more confident and sure of herself than Diana did at her engagement announcement.  But then again that is why we all loved "Shy Di".  I really hope Kate is better situated for her new role, and hopefully the royal family has also learned from the past.  So I wish them both good luck!!

I need to find a replica of this blue dress!!

At any rate, in order to celebrate this happy union Kaellyn and I had a fun Princess day.  I started the day with a cup of Prince of Wales tea (almost as good as his cousin Earl Grey) in my cute Her Royal Highness mug. 

Feeling very royal indeed!

In her princess dress and on her princess blanket

Such a pretty princcess

"Mama, whats this?"
This is her playing with her tiara

After her exhausting day of playing with jewels she took a nap and I took the time to watch some old Princess Diana videos.   When she woke up Briss took a picture of his two girls.  

I wore little crowns in my hair and crowns on my earrings

 At the very end of the day we watched the interview of Prince William and his princess Kate Middleton.  I suppose my dreams of being married to William have been dashed.  But perhaps he'll have a son and will marry Kaellyn!! 

Aww so cute!!

At any rate, to paraphrase Mel Brooks, "it's good to be the Queen!"


  1. Love it!!! And don't feel bad, you were not the only one to have your dreams dashed. I was hoping for a second husband from him :)

  2. I've always loved those earrings of yours, and I would love a close-up pic of the little hair crowns though. And didn't I buy you that HRH mug from that quirky little store in LA (if I didn't then I saw it there and wanted to buy it for you *g*)?

    K is just Sooooooooooo cute in those photos too, I could die! You just know that she's gonna marry Will's future son... and hopefully they get cuter with every generation for that family, lol.

    I completely agree about the ring. Kate is very pretty, but I HATE seeing it on anyone that isn't Diana... unless maybe a biological daughter. I know, I know, families pass down rings and 'tradition'... but Diana specifically picked hers out, so I guess I feel that Kate should. I just get this chill down my spine whenever I see the engagement pics, and I think it's because that ring isn't on the Diana hand that I loved to look at. :(

    And you would look very cute in that dress!