Monday, November 15, 2010

The 235th Marine Corps Ball

Last kisses before the night.
So this was my 3rd ball with Briss and it was very fun.  It was also our 1st night alone without Kaellyn **gasp**.  But it went great.  We rushed around Friday during the day to get ourselves all ready.  I had already done a practice run of my hair but I still needed to curl it to get body and the curls perfect.  So once I had curled my hair and packed for the evening we were off to my folks house.  We dropped Kaellyn off around 4:00 and then we headed down to San Diego.  Traffic was slightly bad so it was good we left so soon.  We valet the car and went into the Omni Hotel which ranks "Highest in Guest Satisfaction Among Upscale Hotel Chains" by J.D Power and Associates. It really is a gorgeous hotel.  So we checked in and started getting ready.  Briss had to leave and arrive early so I had about 45 minutes to myself to continue getting ready.  I did my hair which I had gathered the inspiration from Greys Anatomy Prom episode click here to see 1 minute clip of it  It's a bad quality but you can sorta see how I got the inspiration. 

My Izzie Stevens hair
So I was all ready and I went down to meet Briss for the ball.  We mingled with several other couples and enjoyed our cocktails until the ceremony started.  The ceremony was amazing and I got teary-eyed when they played the National Anthem and read some stories.  The speech was okay.  I've heard better at the other balls I'd been to but it was still nice.  Finally supper was served and I had a nice 8 oz filet.  After dinner we danced a few songs and then went back to the room to take pictures and so that I could pump.  Hehe.

My dress

In his nice dress blues

Mirror picture

Happy couple

Katy and Scott Brose

Me and Katy

Briss was very anxious to get out of his dress blues so we changed before we went out to the club.  I wore this fantastic dress Katy let me borrow and I had brought these obnoxious long earrings that were so much fun. 

Fun BeBe dress
Silly sign at the club

Briss and I stayed at the club for about an hour but it was loud and annoying so we went back to our room to get some sleep.  All in all it was a great time and I had so much fun with Briss.  I'm so glad we could have a night to ourselves to sleep without interruptions.  I'm sure my folks enjoyed the time with Kaellyn also.  So happy birthday Marine Corps. 

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  1. I love how the pump. he he. part. soooo funny :) glad you had fun. How was the time with Kaellyn for your parents/