Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ballet Flats

As everyone who knows me I always wear heels. Usually boots but with a thin, skinny heel but heels nonetheless. I Love the way my heels give me such height. I am only 5'3" and height is an advantage to both men and women. I Love feeling sexy and feminine in my heels. And of course my idol is Victoria Beckham. How could I not adore her and not wear heels? Well, recently I've been thinking I need to get some ballet slippers because I am almost 6 months pregnant. And once my daughter arrives I'll probably be busy chasing her around and I don't want to be tumbling over myself. But I've put it off this long because I so dread the thought of wearing flats. But it seems Victoria has finally given in, as the years spent wearing her trademark skyscraper heels take their painful toll. Ignoring her own fashion rule, Victoria stepped out recently in a pair of classy-yet-comfortable black ballet flats. It MUST be a sign from God because otherwise I would not have purchased any. Victoria once said of ballerina flats, 'Unless they're on a ballet dancer doing ballet, I just don't get it.' And sadly I had to agree with her. But I suppose these dreaded flats can be fashionable too. . . well I sure will make them fashionable.

Friday, February 19, 2010


I really hate tattoos. On men and women. This is America, and as such people have the right to express them selves as they see fit. Many people believe tattoos are feminine, masculane, empowering, liberating or a great way to express themselves. Many people consider them works of art and want to adorn their bodies with them. If that's your dig, then go ahead. Far be it from me to stop you. But realize one thing. All you hipsters who are getting tattoos becasue they have become acceptable and are in vogue are ruining my ability to enjoy our country. As far as I am concerned, I hate all tattoos. It doesn't matter who it's on, where it is or what it is of. You might think tattoos are "art". I guess they technically can fit within the definition of the word "art." But who said that you can't find art revolting?

I especially don't like women with tattoos. To me it looks trashy and you can never look sophisticated with a tattoo. Wouldn't most women rather be classy and gorgeous than tacky and dirty looking? And really who wants a tattoo when they are 60?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Victoria Beckham Fall/Winter Collection

I have seen her collecti
on and I LOVE it!!! It by far is my favourite. She said she drew inspiration from the Dick Tracy comic strips and featured bright colors like a sapphire-blue crepe column corset dress, and an emerald stretch felt drape fron
t frock. I have yet to see a signiture Tracy yellow. Victoria said designing some of the flowing dresses resulted in many sleepless nights.

Stylist Rachel Zoe, looking fierce in black thigh high boots and a studded
motorcycle jacket, raced into the presentation late and grabbed a seat. She was visibly moved by some of the dresses, such as a gold fitted number that Victor
ia said she created by draping the fabric over her own body and knotting it in the back. “That was heaaaaven,” gushed Ms. Zoe. “So beautiful! So well tailored!”

My favourite is this LBD. Very Posh>

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fashion Week

Fashion Week started in New York on February 11th. And Victoria Beckham will show her new fall 2010 line on Valentine's day from 9:00~2:00. The event list says "see invitation" when referring to her presentation so this is sounds like it is going to be much bigger than the last time! Can't wait to see it!

So tomorrow I will be able to see Ms. Beckhams new designs. I am hoping for a variety of color (by that I mean a bit more than just navy, black, red, and gray) and some new silhouettes. . . maybe even a pants set! Plus, I can't wait to see what she wears!!! Although if it's anything like last year we'll hardly get any shots of her. :(

And of course I must mention Alexander McQueen and his untimely passing. How very sad for his entire family. Suicide is never the answer!! Here's a few McQueen moments in Victorias life: