Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ballet Flats

As everyone who knows me I always wear heels. Usually boots but with a thin, skinny heel but heels nonetheless. I Love the way my heels give me such height. I am only 5'3" and height is an advantage to both men and women. I Love feeling sexy and feminine in my heels. And of course my idol is Victoria Beckham. How could I not adore her and not wear heels? Well, recently I've been thinking I need to get some ballet slippers because I am almost 6 months pregnant. And once my daughter arrives I'll probably be busy chasing her around and I don't want to be tumbling over myself. But I've put it off this long because I so dread the thought of wearing flats. But it seems Victoria has finally given in, as the years spent wearing her trademark skyscraper heels take their painful toll. Ignoring her own fashion rule, Victoria stepped out recently in a pair of classy-yet-comfortable black ballet flats. It MUST be a sign from God because otherwise I would not have purchased any. Victoria once said of ballerina flats, 'Unless they're on a ballet dancer doing ballet, I just don't get it.' And sadly I had to agree with her. But I suppose these dreaded flats can be fashionable too. . . well I sure will make them fashionable.

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  1. Wearing heels makes me feel feminine and gorgeous too! I am surprised to see Victoria in some flats but ha ha, anything she wears is fashionable just because she wore it! And hey after Kaellyn you still managed to rock the heels pretty well!