Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our anniversary

Our anniversary was a hilarious mess up.  We went through 5 different plans and ended up with no plans.  Thankfully, Briss only had to work for about an hour that day.  The owners of the house were coming to finish up with the wallpaper and so we needed to be out of the house.  So for the first part of the day we went to the Crawford County fair.  It's the largest agricultural fair in Pennsylvania and so it had a lot of animals and produce.  Then in the evening we went out to Olive Garden with Kaellyn.  Next week our babysitter is back in town so Briss and I will be going out to celebrate by ourselves. 

Ordering Funnel Cake

In my country outfit!!  the shirt is from Miley Cyrus collection

Eating the funnel cake

My little pointer!

This one laid an egg

The 4-H teenage girls liked to hang out on their cows. 
I don't think she's ever seen a cow so close before

She had a great time!

Waiting for our Olive Garden table

Kaellyn stole my lipstick

So cute!

Long day, time for bed

bedtime right here

bedtime right now

He had lost his ring earlier so when we found it in the pillowcase we were really excited

I wrote our vows out on old paper

The way I had decorated the table.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011