Monday, August 1, 2011

Visit to Virginia Part 1

Way too much to talk about so here are all the pictures!

Briss made me a great omlette breakfast before I started on the road


Someone was anxious to get going

All packed up!


Girls trip!  Spice Girls and the Trunk Monkey

0 miles and lots to go!

1st stop at McDonalds

Cozy with her bottle in the back seat

When I drove in to Virginia there was a sign with a Confederate flag saying Welcome to the Southern States

Finally in the town of Fredricksburg!
2nd stop at Burger King

She found a friend!
Finally made it!

Union side

Free 7/11 slurpees on 7/11 day

Bullet holes still in the church

Virginia Pine trees.  It's what they are known for

Crying because Summer went to the bathroom

Found a Millers bar

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jeffersons Montecello

The flower is called Love Lies bleeding

It's American Chocolate shaped like a cigar

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