Monday, August 22, 2011

Megans Visit to Pennsylvania!! Part 1

Megan arrived on a Tuesday and so Kaellyn and I drove about 2 hours to pick her up and the great car-rider Kaellyn is she didn't even complain.  When we got Megan we tried to find a restaurant to eat at but we couldn't find too much.  We finally found a town and drove around looking for somewhere to eat.  The town was pretty much abandoned but we found a pizza place.  We asked if we could sit down and they said no because the day was too hot and they didn't have air conditioning.  Okay but then we waited 20 minutes in the restaurant while they made the pizza so why we couldn't sit for 10 minutes to eat it was beyond me.  So we drove back to Pennsylvania and ate the pizza at home around 8:30 pm.  Briss came home around 9pm and had the rest of the pizza.

The next day we went around to Meadville.  I took Megan to a cute sandwich shop and then to the big store here in Meadville: WAL*MART.  Haha.  Then when we came home we watched some episodes of our favourite show Bones.  The next day, Thursday we stayed at home because the owners of the house we are renting from came over to show the house and fix a wall that a beam was coming through.  Well they started but they didn't finish and they were here all day.  But it was good to have Megan over while they did that.

On Friday we went up to Niagara falls and saw the American side of the falls.  It was beautiful and wonderful.  Both Megan and I had worn dresses so if we got we from the mist then they would dry quickly.  Well, we got wet all right.  About an hour after we got there it started pouring rain and we all got soaked.  I bought ponchos and I put one over Kaellyns stroller to keep her a bit dry.  The ponchos really helped on our hair and clothes.  We tried to wait out the storm but it didn't seem to calm down so we decided to go back home.

The rest of the weekend was spent at home hanging out and watching movies.  I had wanted a Masquerade party on Saturday the 13th because it was a full moon on the 13th and it was midsummer which means it's halfway to the New Year.  But everyone I invited was busy.  None the less Megan and I dressed up and had fun.  Briss even wore a mask for a bit.  And then we watched the episode of Gossip Girl where they go to a masquerade.  On Megans last day we used sparklers and watched a few more episodes of Bones.  All in all it was a great time and Kaellyn LOVED having someone else around.  Here are a few pictures of that week.

All pretty to go get Megan

Megan and I on our computers

Our neighbors got flocked by Pink Flamingos!

At the sandwich shop

Introducing Megan to Pickle Chips

Playing in the owners of the houses baby toy

Crafting while the owner tear apart the wall
Crafting my mask

All finished!!

I brought out her old baby swing and she LOVES it.  She swings in it all day long now

Playing with the owners oldest daughter

At Niagara falls

It was bright and sunny at first

Kaellyn is wearing a dress that Megan bought her!

Clouds are coming in!!

All the people with ponchos on

Soaked through and through

Soaked as well

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