Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Time!!!

I had the most amazing Halloween weekend ever!  I had originally planned to go out with girlfriends and have a night to myself but because Kaellyn was being so wicked I didn't want to leave Briss with her.  Also, the thought of willingly losing a night of sleep did not sound good to me.  I would rather stay home and catch up on sleep than run around the city with a bunch of drunks.  So I did just that. 

I started Saturday off with a nice cup of Pumpkin tea in my Buffy mug which I thought was very fitting since she slays vampires.

I then spent some time reading a childrens version of Sleepy Hallow to Kaellyn.  She was very interested can't you tell?  O well, it was a cute skull outfit.


Briss woke up and joined us for the movie "The Black Cauldron" which he had never seen.  I think that film is too cute and should be watched every Halloween. 

The rest of the day was spent listening to Meat Loafs "Bat out of Hell" cd, Werewolves of London and the soundtrack to Rocky Horror Picture Show.  That was the best I could come up with for Halloween music.  I baked cookies while Briss carved a scary pumpkin. 

Then we settled down for the night with some monster intestines (spaghetti) and cuddled up and watched Hocus Pocus.

All Hallows Eve!!!

We woke up and played dress up with my Darth Vader mask.  

Then played with the pumpkin head

Miss K. hung out in her "Mommys little monster" shirt that was given to her by Megan.

Then we got all dressed up to go to Brittanys for a little Halloween fun!! The strawberry farmer and her little strawberry.

Snow White and her "apple" and Ursula and her "little mermaid"


And then an assortment of the kidlets:

This is what Halloween was made for.  For fun with children.   I'm so glad I was able to spend this  year with my child.  Even if she doesn't remember it. 

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  1. I am glad you had fun! And I agree, if you have kids, they are the best one's to celebrate with! Halloween though actually if you go back historically wasn't made for kids at all! It was a holiday to give peace and rest to the deceased and to honor them! It is far from that today though, it is just a fun holiday for everyone to go out and dress up, ha ha even the drunks !