Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kaellyns Birthday Party Part 1

Her birthday celebration started on Saturday when Grandma Donna and Uncle Eric showed up.  Kaellyn opened some presents and had a great time playing around.  Briss got home from work around 8:30 and so we were able to see him for a little bit.  And then after that Aunt Carol and her neighbor Sharon arrived around 10 pm.  They had been shopping at Grove City since 10 am so they were exhausted.  But it was a fun day.

Where Eric slept at night

Aunt Carol and Kaellyn

On Sunday before the party it was cleaning and preparing.  Aunt Carol and Sharon were excellent at helping.  I would not have gotten everything done without their help.  Uncle Mike and Aunt Jill arrived with the boys around 1pm and Jill helped with cutting fruit and lots of other things.  And Uncle Mike watched the kids.

Playing with the balloons

Early morning cuddles

The table decorations

Betta fish and gummy fish

All the ladies in the kitchen helping

Awesome food!!

When the party started Kaellyn had such a FUN time.  She wouldn't keep her bathing suit on and she loved running around in her birthday suit. 

Kaellyn and her best friend Max

Reagan wore her Mermaid dress

Kaellyn on the slip n' slide

Finally got her in her outfit!

They were Mermaid earrings

At the end of the night Briss got to play video games so he was happy
Heres a few videos:

Kaellyn opening presents
Water baby!

Overall it was a great birthday party!!!

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