Monday, April 11, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor Day

Turner Classic Movie channel was having a Elizabeth Taylor memorial day special.  I'm really becoming more convinced that that channel is more of a lifestyle than a tv station.  It started at 6 am and played all her movies starting from National Velvet to Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf.  I've seen a good portion of her movies but theres a few I've missed.  She's not my favourite movie star but she is in my top 10 and what an amazing movie she did with Cleopatra.  I do love the sorrid tales of her personal life.  One can't say she didn't love. . . A Lot.  And despite her 7 husbands (8 weddings) she had 4 children.  And all of them have grown up to say wonderful things about her.  Not one has penned a "mommy dearest" book about her.  So she must've been a pretty decent mother.  Of course, the main reason I love her so much is because of her gorgeous jewelry.  She knew beautiful things when she saw them.  And I've spent most of my adult life collecting replica costume jewelry.

So for my Sunday I did Cleopatra inspired make up and watched 4 movies with Elizabeth Taylor.  Briss even watched a few movies with me.  We watched Father of the Bride which Briss and I watched last year right before the wedding so it was fun to see it and look back at all the things that were very similar to our wedding.  Then we watched Fathers Little Divedend, the sequel to Father of the Bride and it's about Elizabeths character having a baby.  It's not on DVD and I can't understand why is because it's hilarious!!!  I will be purchasing it when it comes out.  Then Conspirator came on which is about Elizabeth marrying a Communist spy.  It was uneventful and somewhat boring.  A Place in the Sun followed which I think is the movie where she looked the most beautiful.  I think that may be my absolute favourite Elizabeth film.  Then we finished the day with Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.  Briss watched that one with me and he couldn't believe how scandalous it was.  All in all it was a great Elizabeth Taylor day.

My make up inspiration

Crazy make up. I hadn't figured out my hair yet.

My outfit

Close up of the make up and mole

This is a replica of the ring Mike Todd gave her.  It was 29 carats.

This is a replica of the ring Richard Burton gave her to out do Mike Todds ring.  This was 33.9 karats.
Also my nail varnish is called Violet Eyes which is perfect for her!!!

Spraying White Diamonds purfume.  It smells awful but sells about 77 million a year so other must love it.

My jewelry that I've collected because of her

Kaellyn modeling

Playing with the pearls

Jewelry is fun

Heres a picture of the Mike Todd ring and mine

The Mike Todd ring and Richard Burton ring

Costume necklace

Costume tiara

Costume Pearl ring

Mike Todd ring

Gorgeous Emerald ring

Yellow Diamond

Ruby replica

These were called "Ping-Pong" rings because Burton gave them to her for beating him at ping pong.  They are also the smallest diamonds she owned.

Ping Pong rings

A coral piece.  Mine isn't a replica but it is similar

Earrings she wore to her 8th Wedding.

Here my make up looks more like Ursula from Little Mermaid!!

 It was a great fun day and I'm so glad TCM did an amazing job of 24 hours of Elizabeth Taylor.  I didn't get to watch Cleopatra (it's 4 hours long) so soon enough I'll have to watch that one again. 

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