Sunday, April 10, 2011

1st week in April

The last snow storm before Spring
The old shelf paper.  I think it's been there since the house was built in 1968
I think she likes driving it more than I do

She loves moving to the Spice Girls cd.

Climbing on the steering wheel

Finally got a proper high chair

And she won't stop eating!!  Puts away so much food a day!

Loves her mangos!!
After a month in disposables it was time for her cloth diapers


Playing with the tupperware

Climbing in the shelves

Climbing on the computer
We had similar boots on

She has camouflage on her dress and socks.  And this is the uniform Briss wears to work each day now instead of cammies.
Briss ordered a Pittsburgh Salad.  It has steak and fries on it.

I had the vegetarian cobb salad.

You can't see it but her hat matches her feet/footies

Little sleepy one

She's taking an unassisted step!!!!

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