Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Royal Wedding *The ceremony and balcony*

Catherine walked down the aisle with her father and she looked stunning.  Her face was poised but you could see she was nervous because of how much her chest was rising and falling with her short breaths.  Harry took a glance around and whispered to William, "wait till you see her."  It was so cute.  But still better than that was William whispering to Kate, "you look beautiful."  That is when I started to cry.  There vows to one another were wonderful but of course I would love them because they were the same ones Briss and I said.  And her brother reading from Romans was quite nice and very romantic.  The part that I loved the most was the speech the Bishop of London Dr Richard Chartres said.  "Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire." He quoted from Saint Catherine which is fitting for Catherine Middleton.  Also, April 29th is Saint Catherines day.  Might have been another reason they chose that day to get married.  The Bishop of London continued in his moving speech to say that every wedding is a royal wedding as the bride and groom the king and queen of creation.  How quite true.  He finished his speech with this, "Marriage is intended to be a way in which man and woman help each other to become what God meant each one to be, their deepest and their truest selves.”  Yes, I loved his speech in it's entirety.  Full speech is here.

After the ceremony they new married couple took a carriage ride to Buckingham Palace.  Every time they passed the Royal Guards William saluted them and Catherine bowed her head. Then they headed up to the balcony to wave and have the famous kiss.  Their kiss was quick and sweet and Catherine disengaged first.  The crowd not satisfied with one kiss demanded another.  Before they kissed a second time William whispered to her, "I love you."  That kiss was longer but still brief.  After 7 minutes on the balcony they all went back inside.  A few hours later William drove his fathers Astin Martin away with his new bride.  It was beautiful. 

That is stunning
William whispering you look beautiful

The vows

The KISS!!
Driving off
Cute car

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