Friday, February 3, 2012

Playdate with Max

My friend Suzie has her son Max who is almost 2.  Suzie needed to go house shopping so I offered to watch Max all day for her.  It was a great fun day and I'm fully confident in having a second child soon.  The kids first played around a lot and then they helped make cupcakes.  After cupcakes they took a brief (1.5 hour) nap but it was still enjoyable for me. 

Kaellyn walked out wearing Max's shoes

With aprons on

After the nap they came down from their nap they ate lunch and enjoyed a Shirley Temple together. Then they finished the frosting on the cupcakes and added sprinkles.  Once the sprinkles were added, the kitchen needed to be cleaned up.  Which they both did a great job of cleaning up. 

Eating lunch

Having a Shirley temple

So cute!!

Decorating the cupcakes

Look at that cute face!!

Covered in frosting and sprinkles

Cleaning the sprinkles mess up

 After cleaning up we watched a bit of the musical Oliver! from 1968.  It gave the kids a break and yet they still danced at the musical parts.  After about 45 minutes of the movie we went upstairs and I packed for my California trip while the kids played on the bed. 

Watching Oliver!

While I packed

Helping me "pack"

At this point most of the day had gone past so we all went downstairs and made dinner.  Both kids were great help with making the salad.  Then we all sat down for a good dinner.  All in all it was a great fun day and I'm sure both kids will sleep excellent tonight.


Quick video of them making dinner

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