Sunday, May 29, 2011

X-Men (Geek) Day

May 25th is called Geek Day because it's when the 1st Star Wars came out, when The Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy came out and when Jean Grey and Cyclops finally got married in the X-Men comic books.  So because Kaellyn and I just had a Star Wars day earlier this month I thought I'd celebrate X-Men, which is coming out with a new movie in June.  So I did some crazy blue/gold eye make up like Wolverine's costume and had 3 long eye liner blades like Wolverines claws. I painted my nails yellow with a red X like the X-men symbol.  It was fun.  Kaellyn and I watched some old X men cartoons which was interesting.  All in all it was a good day.

Us girls

X-men shirt!

Comic cup, comic nail, comic ring

Crazy wolverine make up

It was bright blue and lots of gold but the pictures don't show it. 
My nail

Final make up picture

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