Thursday, September 22, 2011

I Wanna Go music video by Britney Spears

I Love Britney Spears music video to the song I wanna Go.  Okay I don't love it, it's pretty weird but I like her look with her hair and make up.  She had red, black, pink streaks in her hair.  Rhinestones on her eyelashes, and red, black and white nail polish.  And I wanted to recreate it.  Here is the video.  Click me

I did a decent job and it was fun to have the red streaks in my hair. I will definitely be putting them in again in the future.  But when I washed out the hair dye the next morning, my shower looked like the scene from Psycho only in color.  It was horrible.  But funny. 

Close up of her hair and make up

My hair had streaks of black, pink and red in it

This was how her nails were
She has these rhinestones on her eyelashes and so I got some too

Kaellyn and I bowling

buying a lotto ticket

wearing bowling shoes

Happy family

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