Saturday, January 14, 2012

Miss America Pageant!

Is on tonight and I'm excited.  There are some really good contestants this year.  Of course, I have to go for Miss California especially because shes from Carlsbad.  But I also really like Miss Arizona and Miss Texas.  Miss Texas already won the preliminary for swimsuit and her body is pretty amazing.  Miss Colorado is the daughter of a former Miss America Rebecca King (1974) so that would be excellent if she won.  But Miss South Carolina I think is amazing.  She lost over 110 pounds and looks great.  She's gotten a lot of publicity so she might win points with that too.  It'll be a good pageant tonight.  Can't wait to dress up and watch it!

Miss Texas

Miss California
Miss Arizona

Miss America 1974
Miss California (daughter of Miss America 1974)
Mother and daughter together
Miss South Carolina
And heres a article on Miss South Carolina and a before and after picture

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