Thursday, October 11, 2012

Moving Day!

Moving day happened on 15th September.  The night before Briss' mother, father, and brother came down along with his cousin Bill.  On Saturday we got up and started moving everything.  I had the house 95% packed in boxes and it was a GREAT thing because even so it took 10 hours to move everything.  It was not easy for me to pack everything while being 15 weeks pregnant and chasing Kaellyn around.  In fact, I did so much running around I actually lost a bit of weight when I should be gaining weight.  O well.  I'm sure I'll gain it back soon enough. It was a long and stressful week and I'm glad its over with.

Marine Corps mug and moving boxes

Cheese and juice to toast the new house!

Burning all the packing paper

Watching Little Mermaid and relaxing

Saegertowns sign as we left

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