Monday, June 13, 2011

Visiting California *Part 1*

It was amazing to go and visit family and the wonderful Golden State.  We girls left on Thursday the 2nd and drove to Buffalo Niagra Airport which is about 2.5 hours away.  Then we parked and walked in and went through security.  Everything went smoothly and we boarded our plane at 4pm EST.  That flight was 2.5 hours long and then we stopped over in Atlanta, Georgia and boarded our 2nd plane which was 4.5 hours long.  Kaellyn cried for about 20 minutes on that flight but that is fine and she ended up sleeping the rest of the way.  We touched down in California around 9pm PST but it felt about 12am to us.  Kaellyn cried on the way home but then fell asleep.  By the time I crawled into bed I fell asleep hard.

Friday morning Kaellyn was up at 5:15 which felt like 8:15 is about the time she wakes up at home.  But we took a walk around Questhaven and hung out waiting for everyone else to wake up.  After a nap for both me and her we went to Oceanside to see my friend Stephanie and her little boy Lucas. Stephanie let me borrow her playpin so Kaellyn would have something to sleep in.

Lucas and Kaellyn

Us girls and our babies
That Friday night we went and saw Summers color guard and Kaellyn loved watching it.  She stood at attention and loved to see the flags flying. 

Playing with Great grandma

This is how she watched the whole time

Saturday Summer and I went shopping and while we were shopping we found out Merrily party was Hawaiin themed.  So we bought some Hawaiin stuff to make our outfits more attractive.  I also got to drive my old car for the 1st time and it was fun.  Then we went to Merrilys party which was great fun to see everyone and say hi.  Towards the end of the party I found out that Sarah who recently moved away was down in town and could hang out for a tiny bit.  So my mom, Summer and I rushed out to meet her at Petsmart and see her and her new puppy.  It was fun to see her even if it was for 1 hour.

Driving my old car

On the way to shopping (before we found out it was Hawaiin themed)

After finding the theme and changing clothes and make up

Meeting with Sarah and Hera!

The next day was Sunday which means church and the birthday party!!  Kaellyn fell asleep around 10am so she missed church and Summer kept an eye on her while she slept.  I came up after church to get her and she was still sleeping!  She slept until 1pm that day and was a tired girl.  Finally, she woke up and we were able to enjoy the party with her.  These are all the pictures Megan and I took.  Pictures tell it all.

Megan and I at church in purple

Birthday girl

My crazy ring

Passed out from all the excitement

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