Monday, June 13, 2011

Visiting California *Part 2*

After all the excitement and busyness on Sunday we spent a relaxing day on Monday over at Megans house.  I got to have some In-N-Out and we watched several episodes of our TV show Bones.  Then I headed over to Rachael Todds house to visit with her and her kids.  She gave us several cloth diaper and I have been very grateful to her for that.  I also saw Prince Amaroo that morning.


River holding Kaellyn

Rachael holding River

Bevan holding Kaellyn

Playing at Great grandparents house

The fuzziest cat there ever was

On Tuesday my mom and I went shopping and mostly just enjoyed Escondido and more of California.  I ate Fish Tacos and played games with the family that night.  Wedsnday the 8th my friend Christina and I went to the beach.  She has two kids ages 3 and 1 and a half.  Kaellyn loved the sand. She kept trying to eat it and walking funny in it.  But she liked the way it felt.  She also loved Christinas son Ashtin and gave him a big hug goodbye.  The only problem was that Oceanside High School had let out that day and the beach was covered with Hispanic High School students.  Christina ran into a police officer she knew and he told us there was a group they were keeping their eyes on and one of the "kids" had a face tattoo.  Nothing good ever can come from having a face tattoo.  But it was good to see the beach.

All ready for the beach

Talking to the police officer

Eating the sand

The kid with the face tattoo is somewhere in there

She really liked him

And then on Thursday we flew home.  That was a very long day.  We started at 9 at the airport in California then flew to Atlanta.  The seat next to me was unoccupied so Kaellyn just slept there for most of the trip.  Then when I arrived in Atlanta I discovered our flight was delayed 2 hours.  But Kaellyn ended up falling asleep on the airport floor.  On the plane though she SCREAMED for about 20 minutes before passing out.  I had a very nice Canadian next to me and he really helped me with her. Strange as it may sound I did not know Canadians actually said, "eh".  I thought it was just a stereotype.  But it is true because this man said it about 50 times.  Briss even laughed when I told him I didn't know that. 

 We touched down in Buffalo at 12:30 and I got my bags and my car and was on the road by 12:50.  I got home around 3:15 and fell asleep.  When Kaellyn woke up at 5 or so Briss took car of her so I could get some more sleep.  I slept in until 10:30 which I haven't done in the longest time.  Kaellyn slept in until 11 am.  We were that tired.  Then we spent the rest of the day cleaning the house to get ready for the party on Saturday.  Although, Kaellyn had seen Briss at 5 that morning it didn't really count.  Here is a video of her seeing him when he came home from work that night.  You can hear her squeal when she sees him through the window.

Seeing Briss after 1 week

Overall it was a great trip!

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