Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kaellyns 1st Birthday

Kaellyn woke up around 10 am which means she was still on California time.  And she did not wake up happy.  But after a bit she perked up.  She had a blast playing with the laundry while I cleaned the rest of the house and decorated.  Then she had a bath and took a nap.  The party started at 2pm and she slept until 3:15.  She was a very tired girl.  But once she woke up she had a great fun time.

The grumpy princess

Playing in the clothes

 Click here for the video of her with the clothes Cutie pie
Bath time!

The Sleeping Beauty

Her Throne

Princess Party

12 months of Kaellyn

The table decoration

Cake and cupcakes

We had all of Briss family down.  His mom, dad, brothers, nephews, cousins, uncle and nephew once removed.  All in all we had about 15 people there.  Plus, my friend Nikki and her 3 year old boy came. 

Bob mowed our lawn shirtless and barefoot

The kids playing

Briss, Bob, Mike, and Eric

Uncle Ed and Joe

Briss manning the grill

Donna made potato salad and all the flowers are edible

Ed and Kaellyn

Family picture

My friend Nikki is the blonde one

Briss' cousin Katie and his mom

Cole playing

Then we gave Kaellyn her cake.  I put her in a cute bikini so she could smash and eat her cake.  She had a good time with it.  Then we opened all her presents and she loved the water table the best.  The boys loved the boxes the best of course.

The cake

Impatiently waiting for her cake

Stuffing her face

Briss, Bob, and Eric

Fat cake belly

Water table

Everyone left around 6pm or so and we all had a great time.  Bob, Eric, Ed and Donna stayed the night so we stayed up playing Apples to Apples and other games on the Kinect.  It was great to have everyone at the house.  Bob and Ed decided to sleep outside on the deck.  It seemed hard wood to me but they wanted to sleep there. The next day we went to Woodcock lake where Eric carried Briss and Kaellyn and I enjoyed the lake.

Bob sleeping

Ed sleeping

The boys

the boys on the way back

The gorgeous lake

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