Friday, November 9, 2012


Halloween 2012 was so much fun!  Hurricane Sandy was happening so it was all gloomy and rainy here.  Kaellyn woke up and had orange milk with whipped cream and halloween sprinkles.  I think she liked it.  I also had Pumpkin Spice coffee with pumpkin spice creamer in my Buffy mug which was perfect for Halloween. I also made candy corn waffles.  They weren't flavoured but they were coloured and it was so cute! 

My Haunted Mansion decorations

Started the morning with Hitchcocks, Spellbound

Orange milk

My coffee

My candy corn waffles

After our morning we headed to our friend Jessica and Masons house.  There we made Devils Food cupcakes and let the kids decorate them.

Me and Jessica
Listening to some witchy music
 When we got home we had a "Monster Mash Dance Party" and listened to Thriller and Time Warp and other Halloween songs.  It was fun.  Then we made Spaghetti and called it mummy intestines.  But Kaellyn loved eating chocolate the best after dinner.

After dinner we cleaned up and then I got her dressed in her costume.  She was a little lady bug.  We both got dressed up and then ate candy on the couch while we watched the Dora Halloween episode.  Kaellyn loved that!  And then we carved pumpkins.  Kaellyn did not like the way the pumpkin guts felt.  She dove in all excitedly but wouldn't stick her hand in a 2nd time. 

Wearing my heels

All excited to carve pumpkins

And then grossed out

Watching Buffy

 After Kaellyn went to bed I watched a few Buffy episodes until Briss got home around 10:30 which is a very late night for him.  I was hoping he'd get off work earlier but he didn't.  O well I had these cute pictures to show him of Kaellyn

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