Monday, November 5, 2012

California Trip October 2012 Part I

The trip started on Monday the 15th with me and Kaellyn driving down to Pittsburgh.  Our flight was scheduled to leave the following day so we decided to stay the night at our friend Suzie's house.

Kaellyn and Max colouring

Enjoying some pumpkin ice cream

It was pumpkin pecan ice cream.  It was so good!

On Tuesday the 16th, we got up at 4 am and arrived at the airport for our 7:15 flight.  Kaellyn was so excited to, "fly like tinkerbell" as she kept saying.  This flight was the 1st time she had her own seat.  She was excellent on the 2 flights.  The first on was 5.5 hours long and she slept for most of it.  The last flight was just an hour long so she stayed awake but excited and was just perfect.

Passed out on the flight. 

The book I was reading was about Gianni Versace but it had a paragraph about Victoria Beckham, my favourite celebrity!

Kaellyn playing with her stickers on the plane

Looking a bit tired from the long day of traveling but I got to see Megan!
Day 2~

My brother Bryce had a half day at school so when he got home we went out for Noodle bowls which you can't find in Erie.  Kaellyn also insisted on using chopsticks like we were.  She did pretty well with them too!  After noodle bowls we went to my grandparents house to visit with them. 

Bryce playing the piano

That afternoon/evening when my sister Summer got home from school she babysat Kaellyn while I went to dinner with my friend Sarah.  We went to our favourite restaurant Olive Garden and then after dinner went shopping around Marshalls.  It was a great 1st full day in California.

Just a funny car I saw

Me and Sarah

Because every San Diego girl needs a Chargers plaque right?

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