Friday, November 9, 2012

The Marine Corps Ball

The 237th Marine Corps Birthday Ball for Briss's unit was held on 26th of October 2012.  But the fun for us started on Thursday when Donna came down to watch Kaellyn.  It was fun to have family come to our new house. On Friday Briss woke up early and headed up to Buffalo for training.  Donna and I spent time with Kaellyn outside in the gorgeous sunshine where it was 65 degrees outside.  And then I headed out to Buffalo around 1 pm.  It was so nice to have the car ride to myself which means I could listen to silly music the whole way up.  Unfortunately, I had a 2 toll roads and they don't accept credit card and I was $0.09 short for the 1st one.  Thankfully, the man let me through.  Before the next toll I got off and got some cash.  But it was still a pain to deal with.  However, I arrived just as Briss was getting out of his classes and we checked into our hotel room and started getting ready. 

Enjoying time with Briss on Saturday

Driving and singing up to Buffalo

Arrived in Buffalo!

After we were all ready we headed downstairs to the event.  It was a lovely time and the ceremony was excellent.  This year our food was much better than the coffee crusted steak.  I ordered the salmon and Briss had the roast beef.  We danced to one song but then headed back to the room because we were both tired.  We got new Marine Corps glasses and had Martinellis in them.  It was a fun, great night.

My blue earrings from California

The 4 marines from Briss's office

My steel blue nails

Our toasts of Martinellis

Saying goodbye the next day

Our lovely view of the Casino from our room
Driving home together!

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