Saturday, January 1, 2011

The rest of the holidays in New York

The day after Christmas we had a christening for Kaellyn at Briss' church.  It was lovely and thank heavens I was feeling much better.  That morning I was able to eat some bread and keep it down.  So I really did only have a 24 hour bug.  Of course it was the worst 24 hours to have it.  But at least it wasn't an entire week of being sick.  So I was able to participate in the baptism and enjoy it.  We chose Mike and Jill as Kaellyn's Godparents.  It was a great day. 
Pastor, Godparents, Parents, baby

My snow outfit and Juicy purse

An icicle and fairy
After Kaellyns christening we went over to Grandma Donnas and took a nap.  Well Briss and I napped while Donna watched Kaellyn.  Then when we were refreshed we went over to Jacksons house to celebrate his 2nd birthday.  Kaellyn ended up falling asleep on Bill making all the women very jealous.  Haha.  We finally ended our day around 11 pm that night.  So the day after Christmas was a very long day but it was fun. 

Passed our on the couch

Jackson playing with his new toys

He's a real life cowboy with boots, hat, and horse!!!

Sleeping baby
The rest of the week was spent mostly recovering and hanging out at Mike and Jills house.  We went over to see Grandpa Bob one last time and spent a lot more time with Grandma Donna and Uncle Eric.  

3 men and a baby


Kaellyn just loves this blanket!!

Look at all that snow!!

Last night with Grandma

Uncle Mike giving last cuddles

Final kisses from Jill

Pulling on his hair!  What a silly baby!

We had such a great time and it was so nice to see everyone.  I loved having a white Christmas!!  But, it was very nice to board that plane and fly home.

Flying home!


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