Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Costume Party!!!

Brittany and her husband Steve hosted a costume party and it was so much fun!!!  You could clearly tell we were all born in the 80's because most of our costumes were from 1980's cartoons.  I dressed up as She-Ra Princess of Power.  She was He-Mans twin sister.  It was a great time and we played a lot of dancing video games.  I am now convinced I want that video game. But leading up to that party I had my own day of fun.  I woke up and watched old She-Ra cartoons and honestly I think it was the first time Kaellyn has ever really seen a cartoon.  She was mildly intrested.  I also had tea out of my new comic mug that Briss got me for Christmas.  And then I had to use two different nail polishes to get the right shade of gold for my nails.  All in all it was a great day.

Watching She-Ra while my hair curls

More like playing instead of watching

My new mug

Full of comic girls

2 colours=perfect nails

All dressed up

For the Honor of Greyskull
Now onto the Party

Our hosts: Brittany was Chee-tarah from ThunderCats and Steve was The Flash!

All the men!!  We've got Pop Eye, Ninja Turtle, Cyclops, another Pop Eye, Green Lantern, Green Hornet, The Flash, Quail Man and Fred Flintston
All of the women: She-Ra, Ninja Turtle, Jem, Olive Oil, Jean Grey, Wilma Flintstone and Chee-tarah

Me and Brittany

Us girls messing around

Briss and I.  He was the Green Lantern

Us girls in the kitchen

Playing the dance game

Quail man from Doug and his girlfriend

2 Pop Eyes, and 2 Olive Oils
Brittany dancing

Me dancing

Me still dancing

The Green Lantern

Briss dancing.

For comparisons sake my costume and Se-Ra's

As you can see it was a great fun time!!!

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  1. How much fun!!!! I'm so jealous, lol. These pics are so cool... although no offense to the other Popeye, but I think only one has the muscles to pull it off. :-P Even if I didn't know you and already have a bias, I would have to say that your She-Ra was fully the cutest... you are the Spitting Image! And Briss brings Ryan Reynolds to mind, which is never a bad thing. Loved the Fred and Wilma too! And I'm glad to see that you're getting K started on her cartoon training... ;)