Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011

Well this morning is the 3rd but it's when I had time to celebrate the New Year.  So I awoke early to make a cup of Prince of Wales tea (my new favourite) and to watch a classic movie.  This one starred Ginger Rogers and is called Bachelor Mother.  Ginger plays a young, independent women who loses her job at the toy department of a major department store. She stumbles upon an old lady leaving a baby on the steps of a foundling home, only to be confused later as the mother of the baby. She cannot convince anyone that the baby is not hers, especially David Niven, who plays one of the head of the department store, who gives her, her job back and consequently falls for her and the baby.

Its a wonderful movie. There is one particular scene when Niven asks Rogers out for New Years (as a last minute option) and she hasn't a thing to wear. So he gets a brand new dress, scarf, shoes, stockings and of course a mink coat from the store for her. They go out to a fancy dinner and she pretends to be Swedish so she won't have to talk to his society friends. He can't get a moment with her because all of his friends whisk her away to the dance floor. He finally wrangles her out of the restaurant they go out to Times Square to ring in the New Year. They get lost in the chaotic arms only to find each other at the moment the clock strucks midnight and they kiss. It's just a wonderful wonderful part of a spectacular movie. It epitomizes New Years. Going out, living it up and having a ball so that you can start a new year afresh!
Happy New Year from Ginger Rogers
  So I rather enjoyed that excitement of my celebration for the New Year.  Although, I must admit I'm a little sad to say goodbye to 2010 for it was such a wonderful year.  Heres a look back at how amazing it was:
Briss came home in February and surprised me!!

We were able to enjoy the last few months of my pregnancy without a deployment

Had an amazing little Kaellyn!

Played and enjoyed our summer days away with her

Got married

Took countless family pictures

Enjoyed Kaellyn's 1st Christmas
So 2010 was amazing but I'm thinking 2011 will be even better.  Just think, I met Briss in 2007, he was deployed in 2008, 2009, and 2010.  So I can look forward to 2011 being deployment free!!!!!   And to Kaellyns 1st Birthday and moving to a strange new place.  So Happy New Year!!!

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