Saturday, February 9, 2013

January California Visit Part 1

Our day started at 3 am on Wednesday the 23rd.  We got up and got to Erie airport for our 5:20 flight.  It was 5 degrees when we left Erie and it was on a small De Havilland plane which meant we had to walk outside to board the plane.  It was very cold.  They needed to de-ice the plane before we took off but we had no problems in our flight.  Our next flight was 5.5 hours long and we were not seated together.  Briss had the middle seat on one side of the plane and Kaellyn and I had the aisle and middle seat on the other side of the plane.  I stayed with Kaellyn the first 1.5 hours of the flight but then I was tired so I switched with Briss and took an hour nap and read my book.  When there was an hour and a half left I switched seats with Briss and he napped.  Kaellyn didn't nap at all on any flights.  But she also didn't cry or whine so I was not complaining.  We arrived in California at 10:30 local time which means we had been traveling for 8 hours and up for 10.5 hours. 

When we got to California I wanted to visit my friend Annie from Spiffing Jewelry who makes all sorts of fun jewelry.  Bryce, Summer and I had ordered matching 24601 rings.  So we picked those up and then got lunch at In-N-Out.  It was delicious.

The rest of that day was spent relaxing and visiting with Grandparents.  It was a good first day in California.

Day 2~ Thursday the 24th

Spent the morning relaxing with Kaellyn while Briss got his teeth cleaned.  Then that evening Briss and I went out to a steakhouse we read about in an airline magazine.  333 Steakhouse.  It was a decent steakhouse but for the prices I'd rather go to Ruths Chris or Donovans.  After dinner we went and saw The Hobbit.  It was very good.

Ready for our date night

Friday the 25th~ We had a lazy morning and then Briss and I met his friend Geoff (who was a groomsman in our wedding) at In-N-Out.  Then the guys went to the shooting range and I went shopping.  It was a fun afternoon.  Then for the evening Briss, Summer, Kaellyn and I picked up Thai food and went to Sarahs house.  It was great to see her and her new dogs.  We had a great time playing games and spending time together.

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