Saturday, February 9, 2013

January California Visit Part II

On Saturday Morning the 26th the Isaac family had a big breakfast and played some games.  At 11 am I started getting ready for the wedding.  This wedding was the whole reason we came out to California.  Major Warren Bruce was Briss' Captain in Iraq in his 2008 deployment.  All the men from that 4 man team have kept in touch and the only person who wasn't able to make it was Scott Brose because he is deployed currently.  The wedding was in La Jolla and very gorgeous.  The reception was at Estancia Hotel and it was very fancy.  Briss and I were very grateful that Geoff Wysocki was there because otherwise we wouldn't have known anyone to talk with.  The dinner was excellent however it took so long to eat.  We didn't arrive home until 11 pm and I was exhausted.  Not to mention I'd been wearing the same heels for 12 hours.  So I was very grateful to be home and sleep.

Wysocki was part of the sword arch

Geoff, Warren and Bruce

On Sunday the 27th we all went to Church and then had family over afterwards.  It was a great time.

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